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Custom Patch Ordering Instructions

Fill out the form below completely and use these tabs above to cross-reference custom patch options. The most important options required to complete your order successfully are Patch Size, Patch Colors and Patch Backing. Your sales associate will be happy to assist you with this.

Our sales staff is here to help you with placing an order! If you need assistance in any way, please call 866-903-4875. We are here to assist you.

Patch Color Options

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Patch Size Options

We create custom embroidered patches in a multitude of different sizes. Though, the pricelist shows a range of 2" thru 7", don't let this deter you from ordering larger patches. Ask your sales associate about larger patches. Additonally, refer to the diagram at the bottom left of the sidebar when measuring for your exact patch size.

Patch Border Options

Merrowed Edge

Custom Patch Iron-On Backing

This type of "border" is the traditional looped edge. It can only be used with basic shapes, and is considered the traditional type of border.


Hot-Cut Edge

Custom Patch Iron-On Backing

This type of border is used on more complex shapes, and is stiched, and then laser cut to the stitching. It creates a thinner border and is the typical edge for any non-standard shaped patch. Add $.10 to each patch.


Patch Backing Options

Iron-On Patch Backing

Custom Patch Iron-On Backing

This custom patch backing option comes with a coated backing that applies the patch to the article of clothing when heat is applied. Add $.10 to each patch.


Peel & Stick Patch Backing

Peel and Stick Custom Patch backing options

Utilizing a peel away protective film, this custom patch backing option comes with a durable adhesive, which results in a lasting hold. Add 15% to each patch.


Velcro Patch Backing

Custom Patch Iron-On Backing

The trade name for hook and loop fabric attachment, this option is great for custom patches where attachment and removal is necessary. Adds 25% for 10-50 pieces, and $.99ea for 50+ pieces.


Sew On Backing

Custom Patch Iron-On Backing

Sew-on is the standard method of attachment for all custom embroidered patches unless otherwise specified. It requires the use of needle and thread.


Free Artwork with Unlimited Revisions

Upon establishing contact with one of our sales associates, we will commence to designing your custom patch. This process is free of charge for one order only. Additionally, we will provide you with a full-color digital proof so you can see your custom patch prior to production. You may ask us to revise the design as many times as you like until you are satisfied with the outcome of the artwork. Once the proof is approved, the custom patch will enter production status immediately. Shipping Policy:

At, we will not stop short of demanding the fastest option(s) in shipping. Additionally, we remain committed to getting your order shipped and delivered as quickly as possible.

All of our custom patch orders ship free of charge via United Parcel Service or Fedex Priority Air.

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